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Oddmakers like online sports betting leader Bodoglife are providing the odds for number of medals and gold medals in the forthcoming 2008 Olympics… many questions are framed like

who among china , America, or russia will snatch maximum no. of medals?

Which country will win the most gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?


Any other Country
Which country will win the most medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Any other Country

If you think you have the answer than their is a betting opportunity for you on Beijing Olympics… almost all the major online betting players are creating odds on their sites … just visit them and get yourself ready for the maximum enjoyment that you can get with the Beijing Olympic betting.

Thabo Mbeki today officially allowed online gambling in SA, after the nations gaming association called for amendments to existing laws. A report conducted by the gaming association emphasized the need for legislation to control and maintain a safe online gambling industry in the African SubContinent. Before the bill was introduced no legislation was in place to monitor sites, and licenses were not needed to setup a site. However as a result of the new gaming laws, each site will apply for a online gambling license and agree to be regularly monitored to make sure the websites are acting legitimately.

The laws cannot be put into action until President Mbeki announces a date, fustrating many who believe the law should be implemented immediately. Currently no legislation exists to stop underage players signing up to online gambling sites and using their services. Restrictions will also be put in place on those who are deemed to be spending to much credit on online games. An electronic monitoring system will work out those who may be addicted and will close all accounts to stop them betting any more money.

The South African gambling industry has grown significantly withing the last 7 years with revenues up from $811 million to now $1.8 billion. The online gaming market in South Africa, is therefore expected to grow in a similar way it has done in the UK and some parts of Europe.

27th – 28th July pagerank refresh occurred on almost all of my websites, with the pageRank of some of my sites rising in value and others dropped by one point. One thing that I noticed is google is not giving much emphasis to blogrolls…It will require much speculation from everybody’s part from which area of the web document google is giving good emphasis on anchors and allocating page rank value…. this may be a surmise but need to workout the things for the coming updates… yh.

Though, page rank toolbar is not a valid indicator of SERP however it goes behind the scenes at google and is seen as a quality indicator by publishers, advertisers and webmasters.

Google Spam Head Matt Cutt had announced on his blog that Google will be expiring some of the older penalities on websites. I think its been done now from their end, I have seen a few sites on top rankings which were earlier penalized since last couple of years. This is really a good measure taken by google. In all means I am happy with this update… what abt you???…



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