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Twittering isn’t for you if

Posted on: May 19, 2009

IF you would like to explore the microblog limit of 140 characters then you can join the time-challenged mob of adults and quickly adopting kids who twitter! The bottom line is Twitter is another tool for fans, community, brand building and sharing. The question is Should you Twitter???

I think if you have an enterprise or are your own business, like many artists are, then yes, I think you should consider Twittering. Its simple, its easy and its quick. And here’s why. This is where the new business is going – it’s going to the web and since this is how they play, then if you don’t want to be left behind, you might consider playing there too 🙂

Twittering isn’t for you if:

  • your audience doesn’t use it
  • you absolutely don’t have time
  • you don’t care about listening
  • you don’t like sharing

More Tips on Twittering Real Good from some bright minds
Check back often as I will be updating this whenever I come across a great article.

  • How To Use Twitter by Guy Kawasaki, the power entrepeneur, explains how he uses Twitter as a Twool. Excellent advice and some more great reasoning on why you should use Twitter as a marketing tool.
  • Twitter Power Guide eBook. For the more advanced Twitter user familiar with Google Reader, RSS and Yahoo Pipes, this FREE ebook is just out from Christopher Penn – savvy marketer, blogger, podcaster and podcamp founder. Not to be missed.

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