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Wacky and Wild Mud Running

Posted on: March 2, 2014

Being active in a fun way is what Mud running races are all about. I have had a chance to participate in wacky world mud running event and believe me its the most enthralling and funny race that I have ever participated.

Running and playing in the mud might pick interest of some fitness runners but it also fascinates fun and challenge loving people like me who are drawn in for the physical and mental challenges that the mud racing offers especially the obstacles that comes during the race.

I have participated in a 5k long course racing with a few of my friends. we scaled walls, crawled through the narrow tubes and went under wires and it was so much fun agile way to keep yourself fit that you can realize only when you participate in the race.

mud racing

The second part of the race was also great which was basically an after-race party event. Here’s once advice for the first time participants, pls do carry one pair of additional cloths unless you don’t mind attending the party doused in mud. Delicious Food, beverages, rides, live bands and unlimited pint of beers with friends, there was all the things that kicked off one of a kind celebration.


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