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Thanks to the recession, we were spending our so called quality time at home on weekends since last two months. Now as Albert, got his new job, he remain busy most of the time catching up with the new responsibilities. I also understand this and gave him six months for aligning his work and home balance up to average American standards.

But this post is about when we were together spending some quality time at home watching movies and playing cards. I remember my grand mother, she used to play combing card games with her coterie of old ladies. They usually gather very often during noon hours and for playing canasta rummy and gossiping about their entire circle and more often about our society scandals. As I was a teenager and had little knowledge of combining card games, I used to think that this is definitely not my type of game and not meant for me.



Years passed, Grand Maa went away, I got married with Albert and left the job after John came in our life. And one fine day when I was getting bored at home, I happen to came across a free rummy web portal and I thought I should give it a shot and know what after sometime I got addicted to play this game. I told Albert about it and we played it at home once, and then the other weekend and so on. An average game for us used to take five hands that would run for around 90 minutes. One game and another and another, we played the canasta like anything and now we remember our time playing cards and having some good quality time at home.  I am writing this post as that their was a change in my thought for the game, earlier I used to think that it is just meant for olds and now we are loving it.






September 2020